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Though the answers to most questions vary based on the specific circumstances, below are general answers to some of our potential clients' most frequently asked questions.

  • There is no sector specialization at BlueWave. As long as the client has some US export content in their products or services, BlueWave can help them win new business overseas.
  • No. Wherever there is a USG presence and US companies are doing business, BlueWave can serve as an effective interlocutor.
  • We add value through our comprehensive understanding of all the trade assets the USG offers to help qualified exporters succeed, our relationships with key government officials in Washington and around the world who are responsible for export advocacy and funding, and our experience and proven track record of marshaling these assets and relationships into a strategy for our clients that leads to business wins overseas.   
  • Yes, but the learning curve is steep, especially for people who are not in Washington, are unfamiliar with the many trade programs that are housed in several different USG agencies, have not developed relationships with those agencies, and/or have multiple responsibilities at their companies.   
  • USG is poised to help all US exporters of any size. Indeed, there are some assets available to SME's that may not be available for larger companies.