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Accelerating Opportunity Overseas.

BlueWave Merchant Partners is committed to making companies more competitive in their pursuits abroad and accelerating business growth overseas. We leverage our deep trade experience in Washington, DC and around the world to build relationships with foreign government officials and unearth new business opportunities for our clients.

How We Can Help

  • Strategy

    Success doesn't always follow the same formula. We will analyze your circumstances, industry, and target regions and develop a customized plan to maximize potential results.
  • Relationships

    Accessing opportunities and markets overseas requires developing relationships with the right people in the right places. We'll make the introductions needed to suit your objectives.
  • Advocacy

    Support for your efforts from US Government institutions is critical to overcoming a wide range of obstacles abroad. We can help to align domestic representation behind your company.
  • Financing

    A variety of US government-backed financing mechanisms exist for companies looking to expand aboard. We can help you find and secure the best options for your initiatives.
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